High Speed Internet

Internet Service must be high speed and connected with an Ethernet cable. No Wi-Fi allowed. 

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Telephone Service

No cellphones allowed. Home phone must be a landline through a phone company or cable provider. Also no VOIP is allowed unless it is business class. Phone must also have NO additional features such as call waiting or voicemail. You can contact your provider to have those features removed. 

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USB Headset

You will need a USB headset for certification and possibly for your live calls depending on your client that you choose to provide service for.  

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Call Center Phone with Noise Cancelling Headset

You will need a landline phone with a hands free noise cancelling headset to handle the inbound calls for your client that you provide service for.  

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Computer Requirements

You will need a computer that meets the minimum requirements listed. The computer system has to be able to handle the client software. 

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Monitor or Display Requirements

Most clients require displays to be at least 17” big. Some clients do require larger dual monitor setup. More information is provided regarding client specifics during enrollment for certification.    

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System and Equipment Policy